Just pumpin' electrons.

Electric Power, Renewables, and a mess o' electrons.
The Electric grid has been described as the most complicated machine in the world (paraphrasing here). After the first substation was built in NY, Pearl Street substation, the world was unavoidably moving forward into the machine age. After 120 years of the electric age, the new grid is emerging from the seeds of the first generation. This grid is self-healing, responsive, and definitely more complex than your daddy's grid. 

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Matador Beach
Pretty cool google touches on this pic. Very nice.
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Randy Long
Sac, CA
A GIS/AutoCAD nerd with some Python/LISP/R under my belt. I am an enfant terrible with SQL and and DATA/INFORMATION. I work in various spaces in the DATA realm. I use spatial, temporal dimensions to fill out a story.
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